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bird brain

10989147_10155293091655601_4732038650285115908_ni’m in a rut.

as it turns out, momland + work + academics is a lot and i feel tired all the time, am sick often, and am far from  invigorated.

busy is a buzz kill and having lost some of my shimmer and shine i don’t feel whole nor do i find my own company particularly inspiring.

despite this, there are still some things i’m managing to do right and today, because i need to fluff my ego, that’s what i’m going to focus on.

things i do well:

1. i give my kids long wake up cuddles and night time cuddles and cuddles for the sake of cuddles whenever they want or need.

2. i am kind to my spouse, show him gratitude and appreciation, and always tell him how much he is valued and treasured.

3. i provide daily opportunities for my children to get rosy cheeks from fresh air play.

4. i keep my house clean and people tell me they feel happy and safe here.

5. i eat enough fruits and vegetables and am well hydrated.

there. that’s all i got. it’s a small but significant list of achievements and to me, they count for lots.



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start as you mean to go

dude, i just served my kids fresh cookies, still oven warm. why? because that’s the kind of year it’s going to be. i will be cute mom, effective immediately. here’s how: 1. i will bake more. i may even don a cute apron while doing said baking. 1.b) i will find a cute boutique that sells original and […]

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the real deal

i know that you’ve done this before and you feel informed and competent. good. you might also anticipate that it will be different this time around. great. you aren’t prepared for just how different it’s gonna be though. sorry, but how could you be? like every other aspect of parenting, you just can’t know until you know. simply put, […]

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a windy day

mom, do you know? if you love palmira and you quiet your voice, you might just hear her say “hello”. -e 06/11/14. Like this:Like Loading…

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winning (?)

i just ran the longest i’ve run, consecutively, since my car accident 10 years ago. the rain was beating down, my kids were in tow, and i felt alive and present in my old body and new life.  it was amazing. i then proceeded to cough until i both vomited and peed my pants. in full. a proud moment, for sure. Like this:Like Loading…

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she’s come undone

friends, i am suffering. my baby has been a struggling for months with some intense separation / sleep anxiety issues and, needless to say,  mega disrupted overnight sleep does not help me cope with the high need land i live in, plus work and (attempt at) masters combo. things be intense up in here. oh, did i mention i’ve had an on again […]

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kid fears

just so that i know that you know that i know, i offer you a list of my most prevalent neurosis. insight is (almost) everything, after all. also, it may make you feel really well adjusted and normal. it’s a public service, really. in no particular order: 5. in the summer, when people open their windows wide to let the […]

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kitchen fail

note to self: if you are a mother who is also working + studying + coaching + strata council member-ing + running group enthusiast-ing + book club devotee-ing  and you run out of dishwasher soap, DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, think it will save time if you skip going to the grocery store and just use dish soap. it definitely […]

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little wing

the summer my eldest son was three, he learnt to ride a two wheeler. every morning we were outside before any one else, because he wanted to ride. it all happened so fast… we had bought him a push bike for his second christmas but he didn’t take to it for months and was tentative and cautious when he […]

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