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kid fears

untitledjust so that i know that you know that i know, i offer you a list of my most prevalent neurosis. insight is (almost) everything, after all. also, it may make you feel really well adjusted and normal. it’s a public service, really.

in no particular order:

5. in the summer, when people open their windows wide to let the air in. why? children fall out of these windows. all.the.time. prevention, people, prevention. window locks are cheap and easy (and you can still open the window!).

4. children playing in the mighty fraser river. rip tides! ah!

3. my children around dogs we don’t know. playing with them? that’s a no. forgive me, i have seen one too many  faces nearly bitten off by someone’s “really friendly” dog. my kids likely would not have survived those bites. so, there.

2. pictures of my children’s faces or other identifying information being published or distributed online. and yes, for the record,  i realize that i blog, primarily about my kids. note the lack of frontal pics / names / dates / places / times. exactly.

and, for an especially good time, i also fret about:

1. my children being orphaned. on that note- make sure your will is up to date and guardianship arrangements are specified. okay? deal.

what are yours? common, i showed you mine. i can’t be alone in this crazy, can i?


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kitchen fail

note to self: if you are a mother who is also working + studying + coaching + strata council member-ing + running group enthusiast-ing + book club devotee-ing  and you run out of dishwasher soap, DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, think it will save time if you skip going to the grocery store and just use dish soap. it definitely […]

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little wing

the summer my eldest son was three, he learnt to ride a two wheeler. every morning we were outside before any one else, because he wanted to ride. it all happened so fast… we had bought him a push bike for his second christmas but he didn’t take to it for months and was tentative and cautious when he […]

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teach this

<——— the last time i was a student in university i looked like that. obviously that was many, many moons ago. 10 full years, to be exact. i’ve wanted my masters since grad, but i have had other living to do and other lives were made. this past year though, among all the chaos of two young boys, it […]

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back in the saddle

 if there is one thing about motherhood, it really teaches you to modify your expectations.  there are simply too many variables to raise young children according to any plan, or schedule, and you learn pretty quickly that you cannot guarantee outcomes such as a predictable life routine, no matter what order you try to maintain. i suppose you could try, but i’ve witnessed those that […]

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better late than never

  “mom, he’s so funny.  i didn’t like him at first but now i do. let’s keep him.”- the big kid.   

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labour day, the old fashioned way

last fall, my family and i were invited to discover a gorgeous farm in abbotsford. we had an amazing day pumpkin patchin’ (and merry making) and definitely plan to go again this october. this year, i also intend to save and freeze some of the no-peel crockpot applesauce that i made after, instead of eating it all […]

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i know this much is true

i have been bad and stayed up past my bed time often in the last week. there may also have been some summer bevvies consumed up in here. needless to say, all this social good time equates foggy brain and foggy brain cannot put a post together. instead, a few unconnected sentences about a few disjointed thoughts somewhat related to the nature […]

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bmx parkology

i’m not religious but i do have faith. i have faith in the prevalence of good, faith in the possibility of growth, and i have an unwaivering faith in the future; my boys. watching my sons live and become more awesome every day is breathtaking and, wouldn’t you know it, they’re so great that their existence encourages me to […]

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