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i know this much is true

1901353_10152231984285240_538077998_ni have been bad and stayed up past my bed time often in the last week. there may also have been some summer bevvies consumed up in here. needless to say, all this social good time equates foggy brain and foggy brain cannot put a post together. instead, a few unconnected sentences about a few disjointed thoughts somewhat related to the nature of things:

i firmly believe that friends who aren’t honest with you are not real friends. i’m so fortunate to have peeps that respect me enough to give it to me real and tell it like it is. in particular, my spouse. he knows my limits even when i don’t and he always puts his foot down at the right time and for the right reasons. for this, i am so grateful.

he also knows how to deliver one hell of a compliment.  “you’re nuts”, he recently said, “and i love your crazy ass”.  it was honestly my most favorite.  swoon!

i received a cool and life reinforcing statement at work recently. after bumping in to some old faces from way back in the day and doing the ‘how are you?’ chit chat, i answered the “what do you do here?” question. one guy said: “i always knew that was you”. i dug it.

in other news, we just had the kitchen painted the colour of the squamish river. it may be the best decision that i’ve ever made. no, really.

i also learnt a lesson (not about motherhood!). as it turns out, when you feel scared to publish something, it’s probably a story worth telling (and reading!). the numbers don’t lie and the pieces that i’ve felt the most anxious about, the most conflicted about, and the most exposed (and terrified) by, are always the ones that i receive the most engagement, acknowledgment and encouragement for. i also get more hate flung my way but i ignore those folks. here’s one of those posts, for example. many near anxiety attacks were fought off when it went live but just as many love letters were received. it reminded me that i am not alone and we are all in this together. kleco kleco.

speaking of togetherness, it is always worth telling people how great they are and that they matter to you. even if it makes them uncomfortable ’cause i think we should love-and-kindness the surprise right out of each other. it should be normal to feel appreciated and delighted in (says me). p.s.- you’ve been warned, i offer mush.

lastly, somehow summer is about to sneak out the back door… the last few mornings i smelt autumn in the air and found myself looking for a cardigan to wear for my open-window coffee date… the real news is that me and my crew survived another season. perhaps our best yet, actually. happy has been the theme and despite the many challenges we faced, we thrived. i know for sure that my resilience comes from the relationships that make up my life. family = 1, life stress = 0.  go team.

i sincerely hope that you are also well.

best, hh.

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bmx parkology

i’m not religious but i do have faith. i have faith in the prevalence of good, faith in the possibility of growth, and i have an unwaivering faith in the future; my boys. watching my sons live and become more awesome every day is breathtaking and, wouldn’t you know it, they’re so great that their existence encourages me to […]

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me too

“i just wish i’d had one more day with her” -e.h. 19/08/14.

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yoga medicine

ironically, soon after i wrote about how darn healthy and sane i feel, i’ve been spun. spinning and spinning and spinning some more. filled with anxious anticipation, worry, and fretfulness, i have found myself ruminating and fixating on possible (negative) outcomes that i have no agency or control over. it’s been exhausting (for everyone around me) and i have […]

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free family fun- whistler edition

whistler is full of energy and joie de vivre and it’s fun just to be there. for activities, we kept it simple, made sure all of our adventures were within walking, biking, or bus distance from the hotel and tried very hard to keep costs down. the kids don’t need expensive or formal / structured […]

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a love letter to the pan pacific whistler village center

we are currently away in whistler with my parents for our annual summer vacation. after my mom and i had such a glorious time at the pan pacific whistler village back in june, we chose to forgo our original plans for our family getaway and instead returned to the mountain with the whole crew. some people think […]

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inch by inch

i can count the number times that i’ve spanked my eldest son. fortunately, the number of incidents is low, and does not exceed the fingers on one (offending) hand. i have spanked him four times in his four years. three times happened in his third year; the year, not surprisingly, that we added a second child to our family, my stress […]

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heart throb

7 reasons why being the mom of boys is kind of like being a teenage girl with a crush. (no, really). 7. you spend hours at the skate park hoping that the cutest guys there will make eye contact with you. 6. on the sidelines of their sporting events you bounce between being the loudest and most enthusiastic fan […]

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shiny happy people

“is this the best that i can do for me?”. after a particularly inspiring new year’s yoga session, centered on the theme “a new year, a new you”, i have been asking myself the above question daily. sometimes, i check in more frequently, asking myself before i stay late at work, or choose how to spend some free time, or decide what food to put in my body. […]

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