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back in the saddle

imagesRV0MD1XN if there is one thing about motherhood, it really teaches you to modify your expectations.  there are simply too many variables to raise young children according to any plan, or schedule, and you learn pretty quickly that you cannot guarantee outcomes such as a predictable life routine, no matter what order you try to maintain. i suppose you could try, but i’ve witnessed those that do and they look unhappy and it all sounds crazy making. frankly, i have enough challenging my sanity. right? seriously.

for me, accepting and adopting a responsive and malleable life outlook was a healthy departure from my former approach- overbooked, hyper scheduled, and stupidly rigid. learning to parent with ease took some adjustments but i kinda got there, and now we live pretty close to the moment and keep to a rhythm that is realistic, while still being motivated by a healthy vision for the future, of course.

motherhood hasn’t always helped me relax my expectations of myself and coming to terms with my own limitations is a journey that continues. like my irrational commitment to running, for instance.

the thing is, when i run i feel transformed. i feel like everything i want in myself is coming to fruition, with each step. i feel powerful, and fluid, and even beautiful. i feel energized, and renewed, and happy. and when i’m done, i feel calm. people with brains like mine are well suited for running.

my body isn’t always sure that it’s a good idea, however, and sometimes, my body is even right. like perhaps i shouldn’t have started training for a half marathon a couple months after our second baby entered the family. it did me so much good though, undeniably, and despite the physical discomfort it was worth it; helped me regulate all other forms of strife.

upon reflection, it really should not have come as any surprise that  the shadows of postpartum depression that i’d (barely) been keeping in check took over when i was forced to stop running because of injury. without that pulse, the endorphin rush, and the psychic escape that running provided, the heavy stuff made itself known for a bit.

i fought back, won in the end, and even thought that i was recovered in full. i probably was but it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago when i started running again that i felt all parts of me come together and fall in to place in a way that only occurs for me when i’m in motion.  

i’m not training for a half. not even a 10. i’m re-working goals i previously had for distance or speed and i’m going for simple and manageable, instead. if i can attain 5kms safely and injury free then that will be my success.  

like my practice of motherhood, i am learning that i have to be flexible and start where things are at. i have to re-define priorities so that  they’re a realistic fit in this context.  and, you know, it’s enough to be out there.

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better late than never

  “mom, he’s so funny.  i didn’t like him at first but now i do. let’s keep him.”- the big kid.   

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labour day, the old fashioned way

last fall, my family and i were invited to discover a gorgeous farm in abbotsford. we had an amazing day pumpkin patchin’ (and merry making) and definitely plan to go again this october. this year, i also intend to save and freeze some of the no-peel crockpot applesauce that i made after, instead of eating it all […]

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i know this much is true

i have been bad and stayed up past my bed time often in the last week. there may also have been some summer bevvies consumed up in here. needless to say, all this social good time equates foggy brain and foggy brain cannot put a post together. instead, a few unconnected sentences about a few disjointed thoughts somewhat related to the nature […]

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bmx parkology

i’m not religious but i do have faith. i have faith in the prevalence of good, faith in the possibility of growth, and i have an unwaivering faith in the future; my boys. watching my sons live and become more awesome every day is breathtaking and, wouldn’t you know it, they’re so great that their existence encourages me to […]

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me too

“i just wish i’d had one more day with her” -e.h. 19/08/14.

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yoga medicine

ironically, soon after i wrote about how darn healthy and sane i feel, i’ve been spun. spinning and spinning and spinning some more. filled with anxious anticipation, worry, and fretfulness, i have found myself ruminating and fixating on possible (negative) outcomes that i have no agency or control over. it’s been exhausting (for everyone around me) and i have […]

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free family fun- whistler edition

whistler is full of energy and joie de vivre and it’s fun just to be there. for activities, we kept it simple, made sure all of our adventures were within walking, biking, or bus distance from the hotel and tried very hard to keep costs down. the kids don’t need expensive or formal / structured […]

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a love letter to the pan pacific whistler village center

we are currently away in whistler with my parents for our annual summer vacation. after my mom and i had such a glorious time at the pan pacific whistler village back in june, we chose to forgo our original plans for our family getaway and instead returned to the mountain with the whole crew. some people think […]

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