• “echo, where are you?”

    my eldest son is learning to read french. the books he brings home are cute but they are also very redundant. little stories with simple words and a simple ...

perspective check


“mom, do you see? everything is growing!”- mbot.

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i’m coming home

my eyes were closed and she asked me to focus on my breath. in and out. in and out. “set an intention for your practice”, she said, “set an intention for your day”. there was no question in my mind, i knew what mine needed to be right away. my youngest, now three, is focused on “i want” lately. i want […]

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pathetic is as pathetic does

because i’m exhausted and this down and out feeling typically leads me to flailing about and questioning my own worth and life purpose, i’m digging deep and drawing on some kind words recently shared in my direction. it’s bad folks, and when the going gets tough, you face it. you gotta look that adversity in the eye and remind life […]

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when you least expect it

i miss you most when i’m composting, the smell time travelling me back to your kitchen and the abundance of too ripe fruit and when i open the lid and am met with fruit flies swarming my face, i am first enraged and then often chuckle, cursing their inevitable reign and then shaking my head at my foolishness, wondering how you could tolerate and […]

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