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    in ikea today, after shopping for the-best-darn-beach-shovels-that-ever-were, i, not surprisingly, found myself day dreaming of travel to sweden. we were sat in the restaurant, both kids making a ...

a love letter to the pan pacific whistler village center


we are currently away in whistler with my parents for our annual summer vacation. after my mom and i had such a glorious time at the pan pacific whistler village center back in june, we chose to forgo our original plans for our family getaway and instead returned to the mountain with the whole crew.

some people think of whistler as solely a winter destination. let me assure you, it is not! with walking, biking, hiking, swimming, (shopping), and hanging beach side at the lake(s), there’s always something to do and often they are more affordable (or cost free!) compared to the snowy activities.

but, this isn’t a “things to do in whistler” post. this is a mega thank you to the pan pacific whistler village center who has made our trip a 5 star time away (again!).

here’s why:
10. it’s two hours away from vancouver. okay, fine enough, this isn’t unique to the hotel but, i think it’s worth mentioning as it was a critical part in our trip planning. after all, less driving = more time having fun together = win.

9. the 1 bedroom suites come standard with a full kitchenette, big soaker tub, a stand up shower, and a pull out couch in case of co-”sleeping” emergencies.

8. the king bed is the stuff that dreams are made of.

7. a complimentary crib (with bedding!) can be made available to you upon request saving you having to lug around  your pack n’ play.

6. the bathrooms are stocked with aveda products (hello, lover!).

5. they offer an amazingly healthy and delicious breakfast spread to guests from 8am-11am. never mind the bottomless coffee (see number 9)- a sure way to my heart.

4. there  is all day pool access with surrounding mountain views. gorgeous! hours of free (included) fun for all.

3. it’s walking distance to EVERYTHING. bus loop is two blocks away and the IGA is a fine distance via a pleasant walk through town (window shopping anyone?). the hotel is only a quick hop to olympic plaza and the gorgeous treehouse playground that borders it. for us, the hotel gets special bonus points for being across the street from the bike park (child friendly course too!) and for being a great starting point for a ride to and around fitzsimmons creek or to the squamish li’wat cultural center. magic.

2. relatedly, convenient bike storage and lock up accessible by valet. so handy to not have to store in parkade in between every ride or shimmy up and in to rooms. it’s the little things, you know?
1. last, but certainly not least, super generous and accommodating guest services team. i would actually say the best we’ve had. ever. we all know vacation with young children is not an uncomplicated or easy feat. feeling welcomed, supported, and accommodated by the “service one” team here has been a god-send.

seriously people, pack your bags (and swim suits, and bikes, and hiking shoes!).

best, hh.

please note that this is not a compensated post. opinions are all my own and just for the heck of it. peace.

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inch by inch

i can count the number times that i’ve spanked my eldest son. fortunately, the number of incidents is low, and does not exceed the fingers on one (offending) hand. i have spanked him four times in his four years. three times happened in his third year; the year, not surprisingly, that we added a second child to our family, my stress […]

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heart throb

7 reasons why being the mom of boys is kind of like being a teenage girl with a crush. (no, really). 7. you spend hours at the skate park hoping that the cutest guys there will make eye contact with you. 6. on the sidelines of their sporting events you bounce between being the loudest and most enthusiastic fan […]

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shiny happy people

“is this the best that i can do for me?”. after a particularly inspiring new year’s yoga session, centered on the theme “a new year, a new you”, i have been asking myself the above question daily. sometimes, i check in more frequently, asking myself before i stay late at work, or choose how to spend some free time, or decide what food to put in my body. […]

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“she’s just in another house”

never. we never lose our loved ones. they accompany us; they don’t disappear from our lives. we are merely in different rooms. -paulo coelho

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i get it from my mama

i went away with my momma recently, a planned getaway for us to remove ourselves from our daily life and share with one another what is so fleeting: time. some mothers crave “me” time, some crave “friend” time, some crave “couple” time. most want more “play” time, lots want more time to invest in their career, or their art, or their education, or […]

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it’s always darkest before the dawn

there was a time where i couldn’t imagine having another a child. when i felt the call to you though, it was strong and undeniable and so i did what was obvious to do: i listened. and that’s the way the story of me and you has continued to unfold my little big man: you show me how it’s meant to […]

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justify my thug

i got 99 problems but my boy ain’t one!      

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slow dance

i dug my heels in and scaled back on work. it’s fantastic. beyond, actually. i missed my guys and our balance and so less (money) is definitely more (love) in this case. this recipe is also fantastic but i never would have known if i’d been too busy to enjoy a cup of tea and flip through a magazine after kiddo bed time. […]

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